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Story of my life. vv
#366 by Goldlaw said 3 years ago
Looking back at all my old posts... Wow I was retarted.
#365 by PunkRocker685 said 4 years ago
#364 by PunkRocker685 said 4 years ago
hey u havent chatted in like 2 years
#363 by Taia717 said 5 years ago
Hmm.. This site gets boring blahhh well anyways I wonder if anyone forgot about me..
#362 by PunkRocker685 said 5 years ago

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I got a spiked high heel.. That quiz sucked
for The Shoe Quiz on 04.08.11
Maya its true u do do things that bother people and ur sometimes really annoying and mean. So stop saying u never did anything -_- its getting old
for Chat Live on 08.15.10
I wanna hack violetbunny's account and delete it.
for Chat Live on 03.31.10
Violet is just afraid to come out of the closet.
for Chat Live on 03.31.10
i ment to say can't not can lol and Jasmyn violet is the one abusing u. she abuses everyone.
for Chat Live on 03.31.10

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