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Mhe too!
#612 by Drea13 said 8 months ago
damn i miss this sitee
#611 by Barbiegirl89 said 9 months ago
#610 by Drea13 said 9 months ago
dang ima miss those too
#609 by Barbiegirl89 said 9 months ago
Chat Live and Lillith's World is gone! O_O
#608 by KatnissEve said 11 months ago

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Dont listen to her Friends and newcomers she's a lier she's Mz_Diamond!
for Chat Live on 08.10.11
Mz_Diamond Buzz Off!!!! We need no more drama especially from you!
for Chat Live on 05.30.11
Snitzzzzzcat is a total meaner lol
for Chat Live on 05.24.11
Trinity drop it i'm done your wasting my time too
for Chat Live on 05.17.11
Trinity it's just i been bullied alot and when u said i'm not 14 i assumed u were Rebecca so i started being so mean to you...i wish i never been such a B towards you i would have apologized if i could but now its too late cause of me assuming you were rebecca?
for Chat Live on 05.15.11

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