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TV Anchor Makeover

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Some of the most famous and popular stars on TV are news anchors and TV anchors in general. Take Oprah, for example. She has made a fortune with her show and has helped millions of people throughout the world. She even built a school for girls in South Africa. Other TV anchors were part of major fashion revolutions and Giuliana Rancic is the anchor that knows everything when it comes to the lives of Hollywood stars. Still, before a regular girl becomes a TV anchor, she has to go through a serious makeover, besides taking some acting classes and some public speaking lessons as well. Our friend has been dreaming of becoming a TV anchor all her life and she finally got an interview for an anchor job at E! She is very confident on her speaking skills, but her look could use an improvement. You could be her right hand and help her get a much needed makeover, as she can't afford a professional one. Giuliana Rancic had better hide, don't you think?

Use the mouse to play.

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Submitted by DressupStyle1
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A little more pink and i would've fainted! 5 stars though.
#13 by PreciousPink on 11.23.12
love this game
#12 by Keziah on 09.17.12
awesome game!!!! love it!!
#11 by Rachelle10 on 08.14.12
i cant make up my mind if its good or bad...... oh well
#10 by Lexi12 on 08.03.12
I love this game
#9 by Barbie2829 on 08.03.12
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