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SpongeBob Haircuts

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You've received the opportunity of a lifetime! Get ready to explore SpongeBob's amazing underwater world. How cool is that? SpongeBob has always admired your incredible sense of style. Down here, SpongeBob is the undisputed king of fashion. That's why he's asked you to come visit his famous pineapple under the sea and give him a truly original haircut. Choose from the wide selection of styling tools. Grab a hold of your favorite items and get to work on SpongeBob's luscious locks. When you feel you are satisfied with his hair, head on over to the closet and help him put together a ravishing outfit to aid him in debuting his fantastic new hairdo. It's not every day that you get to hang out with SpongeBob, so enjoy!

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Submitted by DressupStyle1
Sponsored by DressupWho
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what did my childhood turn into?
#5 by Shortyrules on 03.01.14
really? tell her that i like spongebob too! #039;)
#4 by White11 on 11.14.13
my 3 year old little girl likes spongebob!!
#3 by Babyflower29 on 10.13.13
sponge guy is a sponge girl!!! hehehe! cool game!
#2 by White11 on 09.30.13
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