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Romance Maker

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#18 by KatnissEve on 01.21.13
its very hard
#17 by KatnissEve on 07.30.12
Little . If only my BF could be more romantic. He is so shy with our BF/GF thing.
#16 by KupcakeKat on 11.19.11
its not loading
#15 by Nummyz on 10.05.11
it is tooo hard and giving 1 star beacuse i don't know how to play this game awaaaaaay hardest game ever
#14 by Aaaaaa on 08.15.11
okk 1 star
#13 by Lovegirl23 on 04.11.11
i passt it awesome ^_^
#12 by BJojoanna1 on 03.22.11
i dont get it. it is like mental showtime where u have 2 click stuff in the right order and at the right times. it makes my head hurt
#11 by Best-friends on 03.05.11
its ok
#10 by Haya_6 on 02.25.11
love it
#9 by Topaz on 02.23.11
#8 by Shumaila on 02.23.11
like it
#7 by Smartlady on 02.23.11
s'ok... ive played it on another site...
#6 by Lithium52 on 02.22.11
aww like of this
#5 by Drea13 on 02.22.11
you are welcome Pinky twin sis
#4 by Duka on 02.22.11
thanks duka twin sis!!!!! i give 4 stars too...!
#3 by Pinkybutterfly_ on 02.22.11
congratulations Pinky twin sis Very nice game!!!4 stras
#2 by Duka on 02.22.11
nice game!! hey... wait... AM I THE 1ST ONE TO COMMENT?!??? really? yay!!!!!!! i can't even believe it. i am getting 1st to comment after 2-3 months! i am really happy!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!
#1 by Pinkybutterfly_ on 02.22.11
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