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Rock The Hall

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Keep the rock show running by assigning workers to areas that need attention. Give them power drinks to restore their energy.

Drag and drop workers and drinks with your mouse.

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Submitted by DressupStyle1
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Played 1,548 times since 06.13.09
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4.41 Stars, 94 Votes

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106 2 comment... not loading..... yarrrrrrrrrrrr nobody@ nobody.com , can anyone who comes 2 my blog plzzzzzzzzzzz show me how 2 post a link?
#106 by MBGFashionStar on 04.04.12
nvm got it working and funkymonkey how is this boring? it is super fun! i highly reccomend playing it 5 stars ":)
#105 by Shainann on 03.21.12
it wont load 1!!!
#104 by Shainann on 03.20.12
eh its alright gets boring tho
#103 by Funkymonkey16 on 11.18.11
#102 by Nabila15 on 07.26.11
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