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Puppy the Cutest Dog

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Make puppy even more cuter

Use the mouse to play.

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Submitted by DressupStyle1
Sponsored by DressUpJunior.com
Played 571 times since 01.31.12
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Game Rating
4.00 Stars, 8 Votes

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Latest Reviews

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i don't like it
#14 by Sk8erchick on 08.11.12
The music is so cute
#13 by Sweetpsycho on 05.06.12
This is not even close to the cutest dog. And why is the dog named Puppy? Looks like there's a lack of creativity here.
#12 by PandaBearGirl on 04.25.12
so cute nice game
#11 by Circuswonder on 04.01.12
hey. do any of u have a puppy CUTER than this one?!?!?!? i do. his name is simba as in lion king. how cute.....
#10 by MBGFashionStar on 03.16.12
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