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PopPixie Amore

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Amore is a romantic little dreamer and believes in her mission of making people fall in love. Amore is naive and sensitive and in her mind, the world is a place where people loved each other and no one is unhappy. To attain her dream, Amore opened a busy little store: the Love Shop, the only shop in Pixieville which specialises in love potions and spells. With her MagicPop power, Amore captures the bad thoughts of people and controls negative feelings, calming them down.

Use the mouse to play.

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Submitted by DressupStyle1
Sponsored by StarSue.net
Played 1,379 times since 01.02.12
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3.45 Stars, 11 Votes

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The song has rides like mary go round
#13 by Snowflake3000 on 05.28.12
5ds fan she looks like she weighs 500 pounds rite?? I like the game!!
#12 by MBGFashionStar on 04.27.12
Told u
#11 by YU-GI-OH5DsFAN on 04.08.12
and ya she is fat lmao
#10 by MBGFashionStar on 03.29.12
OK, I know this is gonna sound weird but.....WHAT IS A POP PIXIE AND WHY R ITS ARMS SO FAT?!?!
#9 by YU-GI-OH5DsFAN on 03.24.12
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