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Oriental Nail Art

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Nice designs. It's just that the nails remind of band-aids
#134 by PandaBearGirl on 04.22.12
nice... ...
#133 by Nabila15 on 07.05.11
i like the different colors,patterns,and designs
#132 by Awesome35810 on 06.29.11
#131 by Bandit on 05.11.11
it's ok
#130 by Guineapig01 on 02.02.11
its kinda boring
#129 by Wickedchick13 on 01.17.11
its ok
#128 by Nikki6 on 10.08.10
not to bad
#127 by Charliestar on 10.03.10
not my fave
#126 by Jules98 on 08.09.10
yahhhhhh no duh.
#125 by Sillybandz202 on 07.05.10
nice game
#124 by Cherubin on 07.05.10
My Fave NAil Polish Color is Black.
#123 by Sillybandz202 on 07.03.10
I love it it's my fave of all the nail painting games
#122 by LollipopAnne on 06.29.10
stupid one star so boring eewwwwww
#121 by Ravenyoung2014 on 06.12.10
#120 by Princessbeauty24 on 06.08.10
It's okay! I agree with loolgirlygirl
#119 by PinK-AnGeL on 06.04.10
this game is boring
#118 by Princessbeauty24 on 05.24.10
stupid one star
#117 by _---Sara-322---_ on 05.22.10
ewwwwwwwwwww crazy nails
#116 by LoolGirlyGirl on 05.13.10
#115 by Moonprincess1228 on 05.08.10
gay...... even gayer than justin beiber...... its true
#114 by ILuvU42 on 04.20.10
i kinda like it it better than the other nail game because this one you can actually paint the nails your self instead of clicking a boring button and not being able to wear rings id rather have rings than raelet jk
#113 by Raven12 on 03.20.10
bad corols
#112 by Karahboo2 on 02.18.10
#111 by Neinei97 on 02.17.10
i like it
#110 by Diamond31 on 01.27.10
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