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My New Room 2

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My New Room 2 adds more cool options like music styles, pets, and backgrounds to create your perfect room!

- Click with on the catalogue on the right to pick your items.
- Click the arrows in the upper right corner to choose a location: would you rather have a beach house, penthouse, or even an underwater house?
- Try different music styles by selecting the jukebox or stereo.
- Paint your items and walls your favorite colors with the Brush and Wallpaper buttons.
- Click the buttons at the bottom to rotate furniture, delete items, or print your room.

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5 **************
#500 by Lunylunalovegood on 09.27.13
Love this game i keep playing it for some reason
#499 by Rocker11234 on 11.17.12
I love this game so much i designed every room that i want in my dream house i couldnt desighn my bathroom so fix that please
#498 by Rocker11234 on 11.12.12
i love these games 5 stars!
#497 by Sahalvscats on 09.30.12
I wish my room was just as i designed it!!
#496 by Lil_mamas on 11.04.11
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