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Make Your Angel

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I agree with mbgfashionstar
#13 by YU-GI-OH5DsFAN on 03.24.12
Actually, i think a STUPID name for a GOOD game!!! Really? Make Your Angel. WOWWWWW. Teen Dress Code: F is not called "Make Your OWN Teen!"
#12 by MBGFashionStar on 03.17.12
11th 2 comment... she looks so chic LMAO
#11 by MBGFashionStar on 03.16.12
Mine looks more like a devil than an angel... WHAHHAAHAHAH!!!
#10 by YU-GI-OH5DsFAN on 03.10.12
That was pretty fun
#9 by Catcat17 on 01.28.12
ilove this angel to
#8 by Lovors on 12.31.11
Nice game...
#7 by Duka on 12.31.11
#6 by Shumaila on 12.13.11
#5 by Anjel-momo on 12.10.11
Really CA-UTE! I made her a vampire/angel!
#4 by KupcakeKat on 12.10.11
#3 by Musiclvr on 12.09.11
I this Angel!
#2 by Drea13 on 12.07.11
1st to comment, I made her soooooo pinkish!!
#1 by Pinkybutterfly_ on 12.02.11
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