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Lion Queen

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#9 by Shumaila on 12.14.11
The idea of the game was cute, but it needs more options. Also, perhaps a more majestic song could be playing in the background? 3 stars!
#8 by Lctc97 on 11.08.11
its an okay game
#7 by Sugar-girl on 10.28.11
Cute Queen Lion! I wonder if she has any Babies....."?"
#6 by Drea13 on 07.19.11
#5 by Nabila15 on 07.04.11
ok game .... i think
#4 by Coolmeno on 07.01.11
Cool game...and Knifekido i agree with Pinky besty...stop with those things!
#3 by Duka on 06.29.11
Not bad game. Her pink stuff was good! And Knifekido, stop writing those things, please!!!
#2 by Pinkybutterfly_ on 06.29.11
Horrid!! I don't like it!!
#1 by Lithium52 on 06.28.11
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