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Justin Bieber Real Haircuts

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Justin Bieber's real haircut was an unique style for a boy, but the fans already got bored of the old style that Justin is using for his hair. Try to improve his haircut by trimming, cutting, painting and arrange every strand of hair in order to make new boy haircuts. You can also make your boyfriend's haircut to see how would it match on Justin Bieber's face.

Use the mouse to play.

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Submitted by DressupStyle1
Sponsored by GirlsPlay.com
Played 1,263 times since 03.26.12
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4.61 Stars, 18 Votes

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It's true, plus i hate JB!!! so i gave him no hair!!!!
#31 by Shannon48 on 06.13.13
Whoa Whoa! watch the language there are children on here!
#30 by KatnissEve on 11.26.12
i like his hair.
#29 by Shortyrules on 08.27.12
make JB look like a girlie!
#28 by KatnissEve on 08.10.12
r u seriously Selena Gomez......anyway.....i shaved all his hair and made him hav white hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#27 by Kittyboo172012 on 07.09.12
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