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I Miss You Daddy

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The experiences of a little girl who lost her father on 9/11 and believes to meet him again. What a sad story ...

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Played 273,117 times since 06.21.08
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>.< every dam time i try not to cry but it never works and i end up crying when she tells her dad that she tries not to cry. this kid went through too much being only 4.
#1761 by Shortyrules on 08.20.16
how sad story...................i like it. i will play it all the time
#1760 by SnoWhite on 03.29.14
OMG! I was looking around at games and I saw this. I used to play it all the time.
#1759 by Jayray on 12.15.13
#1758 by Lovestory on 10.05.13
#039;( #039;( i always cry at this i love this sosososososososos much
#1757 by Hanhan98 on 02.15.13
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