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Hotel Room Decoration

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Decorating a hotel room is not easy. That's why you need to practice to make it perfect.

Use the mouse to play.

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Submitted by DressupStyle1
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Played 2,584 times since 02.26.12
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4.40 Stars, 15 Votes

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I wish my room was like this! Pink!
#14 by PreciousPink on 11.24.12
It's pretty <3
#13 by Pink_ on 11.23.12
cool game we shoud get to do more games
#12 by Molliemo on 10.08.12
i wish my hotel room was like this
#11 by Dragongirl on 07.05.12
its anice game
#10 by Ashleycool on 05.10.12
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