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The Fairy Bride

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This beautiful fairy has always dreamed of getting married, and today, her dreams are about to come true. Her prince charming recently proposed and now they are planning the final details for their wedding. This lovely bride wants this day to be as magical as she always imagined it would be, so she's doing everything she can to ensure that the decorations, color schemes and even the menu are up to par for this very special day. But she's been paying so much attention to the details that she forgot to pick out her own wedding dress. Now her wedding is just a day away and she's quickly running out of time. Will you save the day by helping her choose the perfect wedding gown? Browse the wide selection of options to choose the dress you like best in this fun online dress up game for girls.

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Submitted by DressupStyle1
Sponsored by DidiGames
Played 1,153 times since 01.23.14
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