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Emo Style Makeover

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This girl needs a makeover! She really likes the emo look and she needs your help to change her actual style into an emo look. Choose an emo hairstyle for her and put some accessories to define the style.

Click on the menu to makeover this girl.

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Submitted by GG4U
Sponsored by GirlGames4U.com
Played 3,516 times since 06.18.09
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Game Rating
4.76 Stars, 239 Votes

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Latest Reviews

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I agree with Emilinth99... pretty much nobody listens to emos like me.
#338 by Vampire4ever00 on 11.02.12
oh and Michelle123? We are not blind to things that will actually help. We just cant find the right person to listen..
#337 by Emilinth99 on 10.30.12
I LOVE this game! And to the emo haters- dont judge us- you dont know what we're going through so just keep your mouths shut about it.
#336 by Emilinth99 on 10.29.12
#335 by Vampire4ever00 on 08.27.12
dont do somthing permanent to "solve" a temporary problem. emo's are just blind to things that will actually help. instead of cutting try actually talking and dont just say "oh they dont listen" its called going to your friends, parents, doc, andyone.
#334 by Michelle123 on 07.15.12
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