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Emo Girl

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Dressup this Emo girl in dark colors.

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Played 54,840 times since 06.10.08
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4.63 Stars, 387 Votes

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OMG when u put the bra sweater on then arm warmers the girl doesnt have a bra. ew
#415 by Jessiegirl on 06.27.12
I don't like the clothes..or the doll. At least the music sounds decent.
#414 by PandaBearGirl on 04.10.12
good game but... when u put arm-warmers whn u have a sweater on, the girl dosen't have a BRA!
#413 by MBGFashionStar on 03.22.12
this is awesome game i luv it so much
#412 by Animeluver on 12.17.11
emo isn't really my style so this game isn't my fave...
#411 by Sugar-girl on 11.16.11
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