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DuS Mermaid

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Dressup this heavenly angel with wings and flowers.

Click on the buttons on the sides to change her style. You can also drag certain items around like her dolls. If you're a member click the buttons at the bottom to save and load your dressup to your account. Right click to chose full screen or printing.

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Played 4,428 times since 02.26.09
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4.57 Stars, 189 Votes

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i this game, i dont have sound on my computer so no music.
#166 by Lexi12 on 08.03.12
i like this game
#165 by MBGFashionStar on 04.10.12
#164 by BrooklynQueen108 on 01.19.12
nice butt music makes me a bit sad
#163 by Barbieme on 11.09.11
wow this game is so pretty i love it so beautiful
#162 by Sugar-girl on 11.05.11
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