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Barbie Lady Gaga Style Dress Up

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Barbie has been invited to a music award talent show where she is going to sing one of Lady Gaga's hits, disguised in a Lady Gaga outfit. This is the perfect chance for Barbie to wear clothes, footwear and jewels similar to the ones Lady Gaga wears. Dress up Barbie for her role playing performance on stage in a nonconformist Lady Gaga style attire playing Barbie Lady Gaga Style dress up game! From fancy Lady Gaga wigs and accessories to sophisticated shoes, extravagant sunglasses, avangardist dresses, tops and overalls, Barbie is eager to try on all these Lady Gaga style fashion items. Turn Barbie into a Lady Gaga fashionista dressing her up in a Lady Gaga robot style dress matched with metallic like sandals, eccentric hairstyle, funky studs and robot style sunglasses. Or you can dress Barbie in a tight glitzy glam pink overall matched with very high heels and red alien like glasses. Have a fabulous time playing Barbie Lady Gaga Style dress up game!

Use your mouse to click on and through the floating hair, clothing, and accessory options for this Lady Gaga Barbie girl.

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Submitted by DressupStyle1
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I don't really like this game. It's way too plain, NOTHING like Lady Gaga, and you can't just drag the accessories onto her like other dress up games. You have to put it EXACTLY where it belongs! This game is frustrating, boring, and very complex. I give this game one star >:(
#2 by Technology on 06.09.14
First to comment... Nice game. No offence, but I don't like Lady Gaga at all!
#1 by Pinkybutterfly_ on 05.15.13
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