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3d Kitchen Decoration

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ya this game sucks
#22 by Softballbabe on 08.28.11
#21 by Erica_Snow on 05.24.11
Mine didn't go anywhere it just went white aftetr it loded on the rainbow dressup loding thingy bagigy.
#20 by JBisawesome2 on 01.16.11
like it!
#19 by Emy007 on 12.05.10
#18 by NickiMinaj on 10.13.10
nice game
#17 by Smartlady on 10.06.10
love it !
#16 by Michele101 on 09.10.10
wicked game
#15 by I_love_jls on 07.29.10
Love it!
#14 by PunkRocker685 on 07.05.10
cool gam and i think we shoul be able to put ppl in there 2 9/9 jk 5/5
#13 by MissBrie101 on 06.15.10
I really like this game so much that i think i give it 5 stars i also made the kitchen really good that i wanted the kitchen to be part of my dream house.
#12 by Salafee_muslim8 on 06.06.10
i like this game
#11 by Missebony12 on 05.15.10
#10 by Ggrocksnduknowit on 05.07.10
ok and it could be better!
#9 by Kaceehanna on 05.01.10
#8 by IamAgoddess on 05.01.10
its ok
#7 by Haya_6 on 04.30.10
Good 4\5
#6 by Addison00 on 04.29.10
boring and stupid
#5 by Cuterthanapuppy9 on 04.28.10
awesome game
#4 by PinK-AnGeL on 04.27.10
3rd to comment: its awesome
#3 by Lgvlgv on 04.27.10
2nd to comment.....its nice..
#2 by Shumaila on 04.27.10
#1 by Wiigirl91011 on 04.26.10
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