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Love or hate One Direction?

I *LOVE* them! Love means LOVE!!!!! I can't tell you ho..
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You know what? My sister really likes one direction more than you precious pink! And that's one for fun!
#8 by White11 said 4 years ago
#7 by PreciousPink said 4 years ago
I love them for who they are & their talent. They are real people who care about their fans. They all have amazing voices & people should appreciate that. You don't truly know them until you have seen interviews of them & undertake their relationships with each other. You can like, love, or hate them. That's not my problem. Just, please, don't judge them. They wouldn't have gotten this far if they didn't have amazing talent. They care so much about each other & they have feelings, too.
#6 by TheCookieMonster said 4 years ago
i like them P
#5 by Kat3402 said 4 years ago
I to be honest hate them because i just think they can't sing like the looks but the voice no way hose-zay sorry peeps but u can love or like them idc we all have our different opions
#4 by Mtayl24 said 4 years ago
Hey Whitte, he is not lonely. Everyone likes him.
#3 by Pinkybutterfly_ said 4 years ago
i love one direction a little bit. i only like niall from the band. because he is the loneliest from the whole band.
#2 by White11 said 4 years ago
I LOVE them! Love means LOVE!!!!! I can't tell you how much I love them. Aren't they just adorable?
#1 by Pinkybutterfly_ said 4 years ago
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