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Whose ur crush

ok so u tell me ur crushes name and ur name and i will tell..
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now a days in school many boys not so many but 3 boys come to me and say accept me!but its hard to accept because i have a boy friend! tell me a solution please!
#311 by White11 said 3 years ago
its ok dude
#310 by SexyFruitBabe said 3 years ago
anime boys
#309 by MisasDeathNote said 3 years ago
It's alright MissGoth Anyways today he had his friend a girl who stands at our bus stop ask me fore him "Do I want to go out with him?" I said let me think about it? Because after all he told me he was a player and that the girls he dates he doesn't let himself fall in love with them because if he acually end up falling in love with them they might break his heart.
#308 by Drea13 said 4 years ago
I'm sorry Drea...
#307 by Missgoth said 4 years ago
Anyways I've cried 2x for him what does this means? I also let me touch me in places I usually don't let a guy touch me at. I let him touch my bosoms and touch my derriere and he says he wants to remain "Only Friends!" Aaugh why did I give em the privilage to do so? Because this is my 1st time feeling an attraction towards a guy forreal....
#306 by Drea13 said 4 years ago
I like this one cuti named Kameron
#305 by Missgoth said 4 years ago
My crush is a boy named Phillip, but it turns out he's a player. In he only wants to be friends he says this because he doesn't want to hurt my feeliings because i'm very nice and kind hearted.
#304 by Drea13 said 4 years ago
Don't have a crush
#303 by Fabgirl12 said 4 years ago
not rlly unless you are like him.
#302 by SexyFruitBabe said 4 years ago
my real BF is Kal. He is hot and nice at the same time.
#301 by SexyFruitBabe said 4 years ago
At school i have a crush on this boy name rome he is is sexy
#300 by Rachelle10 said 4 years ago
-------V ewww dude your ugly
#299 by Yazzmin607 said 4 years ago
I got a bf his name is Akron. He's a hottie!
#298 by SexyFruitBabe said 4 years ago
Ok well I have a huge crush on this girl @ my skool. She is like one of my best friends and she had a crush on me last year but she hasn't said anything else about it. We talk everyday and everyday I fall more and more in love with her. I want to ask her out but idk how to.. Can someone help me... Plzzz. And plz dnt judge me, I am only human!
#297 by Preppygirl11 said 4 years ago
Well i have more than one crush i have brendon or bradly i love them both the difference is brendon is hot bradly is not as hot but i'm gunna let them chase me they can be the tail i'll just be the head lol who's in love me >3
#296 by Mtayl24 said 4 years ago
well,mycrush is my bf
#295 by Laitay said 4 years ago
my crush is tyler t
#294 by Coco said 4 years ago
i love max
#293 by Lhughes01 said 4 years ago
mine is caleb
#292 by 16boo said 4 years ago
i am waiting for my dream boy
#291 by Princess_sweet said 4 years ago
I have a crush on this guy named Dante cx
#290 by MariIshAweirdo said 4 years ago
#289 by Rebeka1234 said 4 years ago
Alexisluv deleted her account:(
#288 by Taytayflick said 4 years ago
True that's what i did...
#287 by Shanellia_12 said 4 years ago
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