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How do you chat on here?
#400 by Avaleda said 3 days ago
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#398 by Laptoplaptop said 1 month ago
Dang.. this place died out. /:
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#395 by Adselmanregi said 1 month ago
It's been a really long time since I've been on here or gamebrew.. I really miss this place and all my friends. sigh So many mistakes were made...
#394 by UnKnown_Angel said 2 months ago
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#393 by TheFemaleTyson said 2 months ago
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#391 by Wholesalejersey said 3 months ago
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#390 by Barbiegirl89 said 4 months ago
So do we not have Chat Live any more…? I have just joined so don't now much ? )
#389 by SunnyEllaCutie3 said 5 months ago
So do we not have Chat Live any more...? How long have I been gone?? My gods.
#388 by Bekahawesome said 6 months ago
#387 by Lela said 6 months ago
#386 by Angel-103 said 7 months ago
hahahahahahahah pls send help
#385 by MisasDeathNote said 7 months ago
#384 by Agentsexy_11 said 8 months ago
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#383 by Angel-103 said 10 months ago
I hate website telemarketers
#382 by KatnissEve said 11 months ago
My birthday's on the 15th of June. Can't wait!! I want to go to Raging Waters.
#381 by Goldlaw said 11 months ago
Holy shnarks. >.>
#380 by UnKnown_Angel said 1 year ago
#379 by Quicksand11 said 1 year ago
heheheheh hahahahahahaha........... i've gone completely madd.... i wish someone would talk to me.
#378 by Richacute1998 said 1 year ago
Ppl! Plz come back to DUS!
#377 by KatnissEve said 1 year ago
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#376 by Nardenmerl said 1 year ago
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