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1RainbowDressup.com - RainbowDressup3.69 stars196 games
2GirlGames.com - GirlGames4.02 stars126 games
3GirlsGoGames.com - GirlsGoGames

AKA: Girls Go Games
3.97 stars65 games
4PoshDressup.com - PoshDressup3.68 stars55 games
5GameLand4Girls.com - GameLand4Girls3.92 stars53 games
6trendydressup.com - trendydressup3.97 stars47 games
7DressupOne.com - DressupOne3.63 stars45 games
8FreeWorldGroup.com - FreeWorldGroup3.71 stars36 games
9Games2Girls.com - Games2Girls3.82 stars35 games
10AzDressup.com - AzDressup4.04 stars35 games
11Games2Win.com - Games2Win3.61 stars32 games
12DressupWho.com - DressupWho

AKA: Dressup Who
3.81 stars32 games
13i-Dressup.com - i-Dressup3.92 stars31 games
14MoniGames.com - MoniGames3.71 stars25 games
15GamesGames.com - GamesGames

AKA: Agame, Agame.com, Games Games
3.87 stars24 games
16Mary.com - Mary3.83 stars22 games
17ChixR.Us3.91 stars19 games
18GirlGames4U.com - GirlGames4U4.14 stars19 games
19Wambie.com - Wambie3.92 stars18 games
20EnjoyDressup.com - EnjoyDressup3.90 stars17 games
21PlayPink.com - PlayPink3.21 stars16 games
22Doof.com - Doof4.05 stars16 games
23DidiGames.com - DidiGames3.72 stars14 games
24FlashGIrlGames.com - FlashGIrlGames3.54 stars14 games
25CartoonDollEmporium.com - CartoonDollEmporium

AKA: Cartoon Doll Emporium
3.71 stars14 games
26hotgirlsgames.net3.56 stars14 games
27iluvdressup.com - iluvdressup4.07 stars13 games
28Wixies.com - Wixies3.72 stars13 games
29dream-maidens.com - dream-maidens3.68 stars12 games
30StarSue.net4.10 stars12 games
31MyImage Media3.36 stars11 games
32GirlDressUpGames.net2.84 stars10 games
33DreamMining.com - DreamMining3.70 stars10 games
34KissingGames.com - KissingGames3.64 stars10 games
35AllForGirls.net3.60 stars9 games
36iGirlGames.com - iGirlGames3.46 stars9 games
37GirlGames123.com - GirlGames1234.27 stars9 games
38BonnieGames.com - BonnieGames3.91 stars9 games
39123Peppy.com - 123Peppy3.13 stars9 games
40Roxigames.com - Roxigames3.59 stars9 games
41PlayGames4Girls.com - PlayGames4Girls3.69 stars8 games
42GirlGamesNow.com - GirlGamesNow3.29 stars8 games
43RoiWorld.com - RoiWorld

AKA: Roi World
4.12 stars8 games
44DressupGal.com - DressupGal3.20 stars8 games
45DressupStyle.com - DressupStyle4.25 stars8 games
46dressupone3.75 stars8 games
47ClockworkMonster.com - ClockworkMonster3.54 stars7 games
48TastyPlay.com - TastyPlay3.85 stars7 games
49YokoGames.com - YokoGames3.35 stars7 games
50Realore.com - Realore4.07 stars7 games
51GirlGamesClub.com - GirlGamesClub3.82 stars7 games
52Bratz.com - Bratz4.10 stars7 games
53GirlGaming.com - GirlGaming3.43 stars7 games
54ColorGirlGames.com - ColorGirlGames3.74 stars7 games
55Colordressup.com - Colordressup3.31 stars7 games
56DoliDoli.com - DoliDoli3.42 stars7 games
57MochiGames.com - MochiGames4.09 stars6 games
58ArcadeTown.com - ArcadeTown

AKA: Arcade Town
4.49 stars6 games
59GreatGirlsGames.com - GreatGirlsGames4.11 stars6 games
60GirlGamesPlaza.com - GirlGamesPlaza3.67 stars5 games
61CuteZee.com - CuteZee3.86 stars5 games
62PopGals.com - PopGals3.18 stars5 games
63GamesGirl.Ca3.31 stars5 games
64AGame.com - AGame3.90 stars5 games
65Games.Co.Uk3.87 stars4 games
66SmallDressUp.com - SmallDressUp3.39 stars4 games
67GirlSoCool.com - GirlSoCool2.98 stars4 games
68DressUpPink.com - DressUpPink3.32 stars4 games
69123Mommy.com - 123Mommy3.67 stars4 games
709BGames.com - 9BGames3.28 stars4 games
71GamesForGirlsClub.com - GamesForGirlsClub3.21 stars4 games
72GirlsW.com - GirlsW3.55 stars4 games
73Disney.com - Disney3.87 stars4 games
74eGirlGames.net3.68 stars3 games
75DressUpGameSite.com - DressUpGameSite4.46 stars3 games
76FreeGirlsGames.com - FreeGirlsGames3.18 stars3 games
77DressUpMix.com - DressUpMix3.80 stars3 games
78HotGamesForGirls.com - HotGamesForGirls2.99 stars3 games
79www.playgames4girls.com - www.playgames4girls3.59 stars3 games
80www.gameland4girls.com - www.gameland4girls3.98 stars3 games
81DressUpLive.com - DressUpLive4.36 stars3 games
82GirlGames24.com - GirlGames243.86 stars3 games
83GirlsPlay.com - GirlsPlay4.51 stars3 games
84ArmorGames.com - ArmorGames3.90 stars3 games
85Titter.com - Titter4.21 stars3 games
86CandyGameLand.com - CandyGameLand3.29 stars3 games
87CookingGames.com - CookingGames3.31 stars3 games
88TopCookingGames.com - TopCookingGames3.71 stars3 games
89Nickelodeon.com - Nickelodeon3.84 stars2 games
90GamesGoGirls.com - GamesGoGirls3.99 stars2 games
91Great Girls Games4.19 stars2 games
92GameZHero.com - GameZHero3.75 stars2 games
93iGirlsGames.com - iGirlsGames3.87 stars2 games
94Ubisoft.com - Ubisoft4.59 stars2 games
95RinmaruGames.com - RinmaruGames3.48 stars2 games
96Titter.fr4.05 stars2 games
97Zeemo.com - Zeemo3.39 stars2 games
98ColorDesignGames.com - ColorDesignGames3.23 stars2 games
99AddictingGames.com - AddictingGames3.73 stars2 games
100Tamba.com - Tamba3.45 stars2 games
101SkyBreezeGames.com - SkyBreezeGames2.97 stars2 games
102GamesCelebrity.com - GamesCelebrity3.58 stars2 games
103GirlsGames24.com - GirlsGames243.25 stars2 games
104GirlsGames123.com - GirlsGames1233.65 stars2 games
105KibaGames.com - KibaGames4.21 stars2 games
106DecoratingGames.net4.29 stars2 games
107DressUpClub.com - DressUpClub3.00 stars2 games
108SomeGirlGames.com - SomeGirlGames3.84 stars2 games
109GirlGamesPlaza,com3.83 stars2 games
110DressUpCandy.com - DressUpCandy3.47 stars2 games
111Matmi.com - Matmi4.08 stars2 games
112CookingPink.com - CookingPink3.94 stars2 games
113SkyBreezeGames2.83 stars2 games
114DailyFreeGames.com - DailyFreeGames3.48 stars2 games
115DailyDressUpGames.com - DailyDressUpGames2.99 stars2 games
116Roxigames3.64 stars2 games
117BubbleBox.com - BubbleBox4.33 stars2 games
118PoshDressup3.83 stars2 games
119Flonga.com - Flonga3.25 stars2 games
120DressUpGirl.net3.35 stars2 games
121iamthestory.net3.91 stars2 games
122GirlGames1.com - GirlGames13.43 stars2 games
123GirlGames.ca3.45 stars2 games
124DressUp24H.com - DressUp24H3.17 stars2 games
125Gamebrew.com - Gamebrew3.87 stars2 games
126GamesForGirlz.net3.38 stars2 games
127MyGames4Girls.com - MyGames4Girls3.24 stars2 games
128Spilgames.com - Spilgames4.08 stars2 games
129GoodGameStudios.com - GoodGameStudios3.93 stars2 games
130DifferenceGames.com - DifferenceGames4.63 stars1 game
131BBDressUp.com - BBDressUp3.23 stars1 game
132AllFunGirlGames.com - AllFunGirlGames2.90 stars1 game
133Yepi.com - Yepi2.64 stars1 game
134DivaChix.com - DivaChix4.00 stars1 game
135142DressUp.com - 142DressUp3.12 stars1 game
136StartGames.ws2.60 stars1 game
137ColorDesignGames3.00 stars1 game
138Koko Digital4.17 stars1 game
139Arcadetown3.99 stars1 game
140FreeGamesJungle.com - FreeGamesJungle3.69 stars1 game
141EnjoyGames247.com - EnjoyGames2473.83 stars1 game
142NotDoppler.com - NotDoppler3.93 stars1 game
143GirlsGoGames.co.uk4.33 stars1 game
144GirlSense.com - GirlSense4.30 stars1 game
145FlashGirlGames3.08 stars1 game
146Bored.com - Bored3.62 stars1 game
147Girly.com - Girly3.17 stars1 game
148GirlsW3.33 stars1 game
149ArtandPop3.79 stars1 game
150DressupGames.com - DressupGames

AKA: Dressup Games
4.29 stars1 game
151WinxClub.com - WinxClub3.33 stars1 game
152TeddyNation.com - TeddyNation3.49 stars1 game
153GamesForWork.com - GamesForWork3.07 stars1 game
154MiniClip.com - MiniClip3.15 stars1 game
1554463.com - 44634.00 stars1 game
156GamesBook.com - GamesBook3.75 stars1 game
157Speeleiland.nl3.67 stars1 game
1589Funny.net4.00 stars1 game
159StarDoll.com - StarDoll3.64 stars1 game
160Eranart.com - Eranart4.30 stars1 game
161BFF-Games.com - BFF-Games2.77 stars1 game
162DressUpJunior.com - DressUpJunior4.00 stars1 game
163DressUpLuv.com - DressUpLuv2.75 stars1 game
164Not Our Future4.10 stars1 game
165HotGamesForGirls4.80 stars1 game
166iLuvDressUp,com3.50 stars1 game
167GirlsGames1234.25 stars1 game
168Gamnes2Girls.com - Gamnes2Girls3.67 stars1 game
169DollSpot.com - DollSpot3.32 stars1 game
170SoDressUp.com - SoDressUp3.73 stars1 game
171Nina-Games.com - Nina-Games3.17 stars1 game
172CelebrityGamesOnline.net4.00 stars1 game
173KissingGames,com4.20 stars1 game
174EnjoyDressUp4.67 stars1 game
175Panfu.com - Panfu3.00 stars1 game
176Nitrome.com - Nitrome4.57 stars1 game
177PlayCow.com - PlayCow3.82 stars1 game
178DressUpGall.com - DressUpGall2.88 stars1 game
179gamystar3.00 stars1 game
180TinyMania.com - TinyMania4.22 stars1 game
181Minimazing.com - Minimazing3.45 stars1 game
182GamesFree.Ca3.50 stars1 game
183mishieru.deviantart.com - mishieru.deviantart4.27 stars1 game
184i-mizzi.com - i-mizzi3.50 stars1 game
185DollDivine.com - DollDivine4.37 stars1 game
186StarSue,net4.38 stars1 game
187TopMakeOverGames.com - TopMakeOverGames4.25 stars1 game
188ColorGrilGames.com - ColorGrilGames3.67 stars1 game
189LoliGames.com - LoliGames2.80 stars1 game
190Saltysnow.deviantart.com - Saltysnow.deviantart4.31 stars1 game
191GameSquat.com - GameSquat3.50 stars1 game
1922DPlay.com - 2DPlay4.33 stars1 game
193DressUpKiss.com - DressUpKiss2.58 stars1 game
194LittleEnjoy.com - LittleEnjoy3.80 stars1 game
195GamesFree.com - GamesFree3.71 stars1 game
196LadiesDressUp.com - LadiesDressUp3.00 stars1 game
197All-GamesForGirls.com - All-GamesForGirls4.62 stars1 game
198GameGape.com - GameGape3.80 stars1 game
199Alawar.com - Alawar3.31 stars1 game
200Rovio3.82 stars1 game
201GirlsGamesNow.com - GirlsGamesNow3.00 stars1 game
202EGirlGamesGames.net4.26 stars1 game
203SmileyCooking.com - SmileyCooking3.71 stars1 game
204LetsMakeAGame.com - LetsMakeAGame4.13 stars1 game
205BigFunTown.com - BigFunTown3.56 stars1 game
206GameTweek.com - GameTweek3.52 stars1 game
207GamesToon.com - GamesToon2.62 stars1 game
208Fleego.com - Fleego3.00 stars1 game
209DollAndTheCity.com - DollAndTheCity2.75 stars1 game
210UbiSoft4.80 stars1 game
211Barbie3.41 stars1 game
212YouGame.com - YouGame4.06 stars1 game
213BonnieGames.com/ - BonnieGames4.11 stars1 game
214UbiWorld.com - UbiWorld4.12 stars1 game
215Games-For-Girls-Online.com - Games-For-Girls-Online4.40 stars1 game
216DressUpCraze.com - DressUpCraze4.57 stars1 game
217GamezHero3.33 stars1 game
218OnlineRealGames.com - OnlineRealGames4.19 stars1 game
219VoozClub.com - VoozClub4.48 stars1 game
220CuteFlashGames.com - CuteFlashGames4.22 stars1 game
221AllFunGirlsGames.com - AllFunGirlsGames3.96 stars1 game
222KillerViral.com - KillerViral3.95 stars1 game
223OnlyGirlsGames.com - OnlyGirlsGames3.65 stars1 game
224PinkyDressUp.com - PinkyDressUp3.72 stars1 game
225TwoTowersGames.com - TwoTowersGames3.00 stars1 game
226FlipLineStudios.com - FlipLineStudios2.67 stars1 game
227PaperDollHeaven.com - PaperDollHeaven2.82 stars1 game
228ArcadeReign.com - ArcadeReign4.27 stars1 game
229iDressup.com - iDressup3.57 stars1 game
230Horseland.com - Horseland3.00 stars1 game
231Bowbie.com - Bowbie3.05 stars1 game
232Bonnie Games4.44 stars1 game
233GirlieLand.com - GirlieLand3.33 stars1 game
234GressUpGal.com - GressUpGal3.75 stars1 game
235ZiziMini.com - ZiziMini3.20 stars1 game
236raincookie.deviantart.com - raincookie.deviantart4.34 stars1 game
237Kabillion.com - Kabillion2.58 stars1 game
238ChicDressup.com - ChicDressup3.56 stars1 game
239PlayHorn.com - PlayHorn2.84 stars1 game
240Eternally12.com - Eternally124.08 stars1 game
241eLouai.com - eLouai3.73 stars1 game
242eCookingGames.com - eCookingGames4.25 stars1 game
243DressUp2.67 stars1 game
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